Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Canucks!

Yes, here we are getting to that time of year when we need to talk about the standings and the playoffs. It's been fun watching the Canucks for the last month or so on this run that they're on and I'm on of those fans that sticks with them through thick and thin, so there was no doubting from me that they'd be back after that skid early in the year!

The Canucks currently find themselves in 5th spot in the Western Conference standings, but we have some games to go here and a lot could happen in this conference yet! They only got one point tonight, but we're on again for Friday (though I'll be at work!). Makes for lots of interesting games this time of year!

Go Canucks Go!

Went to help out in Kyle's class this morning and had his student-lead conference. It was interesting to hear him tell me all about his class and the things he likes. Came home and had a relatively relaxing day since I'm still getting over this cold, but it certainly is better than last night!


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Hayley G said...

I love the boys too!