Thursday, March 19, 2009


OK, I think I mentioned before that I had been called for jury duty for a criminal trial that was expected to last about 40-50 days. As per the instructions, I sent in a letter citing financial hardship what with not being able to take care of the boys and Sophia as well as having to pay someone to care for them on top of that!

We were supposed to show up this coming Monday and I still hadn't heard anything as of today, so I started making some phone calls. I found out that the trial has actually been cancelled for the time being though I don't know the reason and that letters telling us not to worry about coming were in the mail. Hey, as long as I don't have to be there on Monday, it's all good!!

Wahoo! I'm so glad I don't have to think about that now and what I was going to have to do with the boys since George will be back at work next week!

Anyway, a few minutes of quiet around here since George has taken the boys for haircuts. Hope that goes OK since Nathan has a big fit last time and wouldn't let the barber cut his hair. Needless to say, it looks somewhat like a mop right now since Kyle and George are ready for another haircut!

Think I'll go get a celebratory second cup of coffee and then see if I can't scrap a little this morning while they're gone!



Hayley G said...

yeah!!!! No Jury Duty!!!!

Nikki Love said...

Yippie!!! no doing the duty for you!!

Amy Wilges said...

oh my, i had a very similar situation last year. i replied with the same deal, no sitter, financial strain but when the jury review thing was to start it was canceled. whew!!!

glad it worked out for ya!

GinniG said...

WOOHOO Colleen!!! I'm so glad you don't have to do that!!! Hopefully they'll agree with you and you'll be done with it for good. :)

Janet said...

PHEW!! 40 to 50 days! That is nuts! Hopefully, your financial hardship case will be honored before the trail starts! Good luck!