Friday, November 28, 2008

Faraway Friends

I can't believe that this picture was taken almost a year ago now. My friend, Julie, (who's in the middle) was up with her husband, Simon, and their boys: Alex and Rhys. And when I mean up, I mean up from Australia! We had a fabulous visit and even managed a coffee night with another friend, Sandi. A great girls night out with lots of laughs and catching up.

How times change though! When we were in Hawaii for Julie's wedding, I was single and none of us had kids! Now we're all married and all have a couple of kids! I'm thankful for good friends and the chance to see each other! Now if only I can manage to get down there!
Miss ya Jules!



Anonymous said...

Wow! Just went to check your blog and didn't expect to see myself!! I can't believe it was a year ago - goodness, it's gone fast. Please have an egg nog latte for me. Actually, have SEVERAL for me! Nothing like that down here!
Miss you, too!

Lida said...

Aww I know is like time pases so fast, good friendships are hard to come by.