Monday, November 10, 2008

Gorgeous Fall Day!

Wow! I really wish I'd remembered to take my camera out this morning because it was a gorgeous day! I slept in a little, but woke up and started thinking about my class tonight and couldn't sleep anymore. George took Kyle to school since he was off today and then he stayed for the Remembrance Day assembly though apparently Kyle couldn't even really see him since he was at the back of the gym!

Nathan and I hung out at home and got ourselves dresses and ready to go. When it was time to pick Kyle up, we all decided to go for a walk since it was so nice. Nathan wanted to hold our hands and swing, so he would count and we'd swing him! The kids played at the school for a bit and it was home for lunch and naps. I made a few cards, but took them into work tonight and forgot to get pictures of them! Had fun playing though.

Went into work early and finished off the prep I needed to do for class. I was supposed to have 6 people and then one of my co-workers, but one woman unfortunately couldn't make it, so I had 6 total. A wonderful group of people and we got the Christmas Boxed Up class done even though we ran a few minutes late. Amy (one of my bosses) was also nice enough to get me a Starbucks coffee tonight to help keep me going! Thanks Amy!

One more day off for Remembrance Day tomorrow, but I think I'm about ready for bed now...

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GinniG said...

LOVE your Christmas Box class!! Glad it went well for you! Nice store too! If I didn't live so far away I'd apply to work there! Hehe! Think that'd be a pretty long commute from South Florida tho. Hehe!