Saturday, November 22, 2008

School Pictures

I've had these pictures for a little while now and just forgot about posting them to be honest! All the kids had school pictures taken and you could of course, order what you liked from them. We got a page of each of the pictures and one 8X10 of the first shot to display. I was quite happy over all considering that Kyle isn't much for posed shots these days!

This one is definitely my fav of the 2 and really seems to show a little of his personality somehow. The photographer even managed to get little smile out of him!

He just looks like such a big boy in this one! I can't believe he's really in Kindergarten and cant imagine him starting full-time school next year for Grade 1! The wonderful thing is that he really does enjoy going to school and loves his teacher and it's no wonder because she's fabulous! Let's just hope that continues as he goes to school!

Well, off for a busy day today! I'm teaching my Christmas Memories mini album this morning and then working in the store in the afternoon as well. I'm then supposed to be watching my niece and nephew for a few hours this evening too.

Thankfully, after going to bed at 9 last night and getting a good night's sleep, I feel much much better this morning though my cold certainly isn't gone yet. I think my cold is moving into my ears and chest, but at least that's better for me than the raging headache and runny nose!

Better get a move on here since I want a little extra time to set up before class! Have a fabulous Saturday!

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Kim said...

glad you're feeling a bit better.
K is precious - and growing up so FAST!!