Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Photos...

This is just a quick one with a few pictures I've taken in the last few days...

This was Kyle reading his printing book with little poems in it to Nathan the other afternoon for the millionth time that day! He was very proud...

These last two are of mu y nephew Matthew with Nathan in the one above and Kyle in the one below. The boys always want to hold Matthew when he comes to visit!

We've had a busy day and the napping didn't go as planned, so I haven't had a break all afternoon. We dropped Kyle at Kindergarten and then the kids and I went to a community play/drop-in thing. There's lots for them to do and the timing is good in terms of picking up Kyle afterwards.
Anyway, we were gone all morning and then picked Kyle up and came home and had lunch. I put the little ones to bed afterwards and Nathan was up about an hour after that - just as Kyle was laying down. This, of course, meant no rest for the weary! I did manage to get all my Scrapdango design work scanned for the reveal tomorrow at least! The best part is that I'm off to work 6-midnight in the store and then again most of the day tomorrow as well! I'm tired already!!

Well, better run and finish getting ready! Have a great night everyone!

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Joƫlle said...

Ah, sleep! Such a luxury, isn't it?! :)

Loved the pictures of the boys with their little cousin Matthew - too cute!

I hope work isn't too crazy tonight and tomorrow and that you get a chance to rest somewhere in there, too!