Friday, November 21, 2008

A mini!

Kyle was a little sad the other day with not seeing his Nana and Grandpa for a while, we we decided to make a little mini album for them with family pictures!

The best parts about this project were that
- we used pretty much only scraps from my scrap files for this
- we just used random pictures I had already developed that were on my table
- Kyle did most of this himself
- we got to spend time doing it together
- my parents were totally surprised when they got it and absolutely loved it!

I made it through another seemingly neverending day being sick with 3 kids! I was pretty much done by the time George got home and I was thankful he picked up pizza! I was also thankful that one of the girls covered for me at work tonight because there's no way I could've worked until midnight and then taught in the morning. As it is, I'm hoping my nose copperates tomorrow! I'm off to bed now as a matter of fact!



Shelley said...

what a cute idea. I wish that my kids were little again so that I could do things like this with them. Ah, one day I just might have a grandchild or two to play with.

Tara said...

That's so sweet Colleen. I love doing things like this with my girls too.

Heather Lough said...

That is so cute, Colleen. I should have my kids do that for Grandparents for Christmas.