Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Time It is a Changin'

Well, here I am up at the crack of dawn again even though the boys sort of slept in! I know they say you get an extra hour of sleep, but when the boys get up at 7am (which is sleeping in for them) and it turns out that it's now 6am and I have to get up, I'm not such a happy camper! I'm thinking this time change isn't working for me!

There's not too much on the go for us here because I'm working today. It's George's turn to sleep in, so I'm up with the kids and my coffee trying to wake up. I have some things in the washing machine already and I picked up the kitchen and living room last night so that I wouldn't have to think about it this morning. Hate waking up to a disastrous kitchen especially!

I said I'd post some more pictures, so here are some of Kyle at the pumpkin patch the other day. I took him and one other little girl from his class. Was nice that it was George's day off so he stayed home with Nathan. I was also very happy to have had fabulous weather!

There were 3 classes of kids, so we had a fairly big group, but once we got inside, we got everyone lined up to plant their paper white bulb. This was the same place Kyle's preschool class came last year, so he knew the routine. As usual though, he didn't seem to want to smile for me!

After they were finished planting their bulbs, they were sent out to a small field to pick their pumpkins and that meant no big muddy patch! Of course, Kyle and his classmate decided they wanted about the biggest pumpkins in the patch which meant I had to somehow get them back to the car along with the extra pumpkin that Kyle's teacher asked them to pick out for their class! I ended up with a wagon to haul them back to the car! It was so nice I could've stayed out there and played all day.

Kyle's teacher wanted all the kids in his class to sit down for a picture outside and just as they were about to do that, Kyle decided it was more than time to go to the bathroom. The only thing was that when I found out where it was, it meant having to go past all the "scary" Halloween decorations that Kyle doesn't like. I ended up having to cover his eyes and walk him through to the bathroom, but we made it. We quickly headed back outside and had to do a repeat of the procedure to come in, but he got back out there for his class picture!

This was actually the first picture of the day that I took outside just as we got there. We were first since we'd left first after having had Kyle's teacher check the kids to make sure there were booster seats for them (new government regulations) and that they were buckled in!

OK, well this is day #2 of my NaBloPoMo done! I'll have Halloween pictures for you tomorrow! Have a fabulous day!


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