Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy November!!

OK, so here it is November already and Halloween is over and done with for another year! I haven't been a very good blogger of late, but have seen a few people doing this daily blogging for a month this at NaBloPoMo. I signed up yesterday and have decided to give it a whirl, so for those of you that follow my blog, prepare to be inundated! Well, with any luck anyway! We'll see if I can last all month!

October seemed like a blur, but here are a few highlights:
- teaching my first scrapbooking classes at my lss
- Nathan and I making muffins together for the first time (with just the 2 of us)
- a wonderful day trip and walk along the quay around here
- a trip to the pumpkin patch with Kyle's class
- Nathan starting to really use the computer and figuring out how to use the mouse
- Thanksgiving dinner with my family at Tracy and Brian's place
- Thanksgiving dinner here with George's family
- a family patch trip to pick a pumpkin for Nathan
- getting into more of the emergency preparedness PAC stuff at Kyle's school
- being sick for more than a couple of weeks
- Matthew rolling over for the first time (wish I'd been there for that!)
- George working on prepping more lessons to teach at work
- changing our cable service over to the same company that does our phone service: more channels for less money!
- pumpkin carving and trick or treating!!

We had a good night last night and the rain thankfully held off so that made it much nicer. We went over to Tracy's and got everyone ready to go and we were out the door since we were later than we had planned. The traffic getting back had been really bad and George was late. We'd ordered pizza, so dinner was easy anyway!

We just went a did a little trick or treating in Tracy's neighbourhood and pretty much only visited people she knew. They were all excited to see Sophia dressed as a little chicken! Kyle was a "fighter guy" as he called it with chest armour, a helmet and a sword though I ended up carrying the sword so he could hold his candy bag! Nathan was a cute little trainman. I'll try and post pictures soon!

Kyle did quite well considering he's afraid of a lot of the Halloween stuff. Near the end though we went to a house that didn't have too much in the way of decorations, which he was happy about, but then the woman answered the door dressed as a pretty scary witch and he was about done after that! He had asked if we were done before that a few times, but I knew he would be finished after that. We came home and I got Nathan ready for bed while George and Kyle went out for a drive to look at decorations - from the safety of the car!!

We had a bit of a long night with Nathan and Kyle both waking up which they never do, but we had a record for sleeping in too because Kyle was the first up at 7:40 this morning!! I slept another hour or so after that since George got up with the kids!

Well, we've already been to the doctor with Nathan this morning for the bad cough he has, but the doctor said not to worry and just give him some Advil for the inflammation of his airways, but that the cough is just his body getting rid of the last of his cold and that his chest is clear.

Not too much else planned for the day other than a few chores and hopefully some scrapping! Here's to a month of blogging!

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KerrynF said...

Hopefully we can both live up to the challenge Colleen!!