Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas Memories Catch Up!

OK, it's been a busy couple of days around here, but I wanted to post the pictures that I'm going to be using in my Christmas Memories mini once I get a chance to print them!

December 1st
Mum and dad bought the boys books for Christmas and they were both hits! Kyle got the Shrek the Halls book and Nathan got a Christmas story and puzzle book. he's now done the 4 puzzles in the book umpteen times! He's very proud!

December 2nd
We had a fairly busy day today. I had a slightly more relaxing morning with my niece, Sophia, not getting here until about 8am. The boys slept until about 6:30 which is late for them lately, so I was thankful even for that! We got Kyle to school and the little ones and I hung out this morning.

We had a rushed lunchtime though since I drove to pick up Kyle and we went straight to the dentist for the boys. They were great and so was Sophia thankfully considering it was lunchtime! There were no tears and no cavities, so I was ecstatic! We stopped at Burger King on the way home since lunch was already late and the 3 kids shared 2 meals - perfect! Then it was bed for the little ones and a little computer/project catch-up for me while Kyle played.

This picture was first thing this morning though. Nathan got up first and was very cuddly, so I offered to tuck him in on the sofa just as Kyle got up. They both wanted to "tuck tuck" and the watched Teletubbies! Kyle still likes it?! Good thing I got this one picture at least too because the batteries in my camera bit it after this!

We had a quiet afternoon with the little ones napping and Brian coming to get Fia at about 3pm. Had to wake her up! Nathan slept til about 3:30 and then we played a bit and Kyle was very eager for dinner. He's the pickiest eater, but loves tacos for whatever reason! He asked for that for dinner and I said yes this morning, so he spent the rest of the day asking if it was dinnertime yet. He offered to set the table for me and asked if he could do chores for a treat after dinner. I told him that if he cleared the table, he could have a treat since he was such a big helper today!

I spent the evening watching a little TV and finishing up a few details on layouts for classes. I just need to get titles on them, but I need to do that at work, so I'll be going in tomorrow night to get that done!

Kyle, Nathan and I were watching YouTube Christmas videos this evening since I have Kyle hooked on My favourite "Do They Know It's Christmas". I found a fav sung by Michael Buble who I love and as we were sitting here cuddling and I was listening to the chorus, I got a little teary-eyed. I just wish for all these things to make their lives easier too... Have a listen!

Well, better run for now. Pop in tomorrow for a tutorial that I'm doing for the Scrapdango 12 Days of Gift Ideas! Better call it a night!


Darlene said...

wow, what a busy 2 days! Can't wait to see the pics in place!

Lily said...

wonderful photos. can't wait to see the final product.

thanks for the michael love. I am on campus and when I played it three people came over and told me how much they love him and thanked me for providing a little christmas love

Alecia said...

Cute, cute pics!!!

Tracy said...

Hey, do you have Fia's Christmas book from Nana & Grandpa?