Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Paper Bow Tutorial

Over at Scrapdango, the design team girls are doing a 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas and it's my turn today! Have a peek and give this a try! It's easy and lot of you no doubt have everything you need already!

I'm going to give you the easy step by step instructions on how to make these lovely bows that you can use on your gifts this year and all you need are some supplies you no doubt have in your stash right now! I'm sorry for the somewhat shadowy pictures, but the light wasn't great!

Your supply list is...
a 6X12 piece of double sided patterned paper
some glue dots
pop dots or foam tape

With your 6X12 piece of paper, you're going to cut 8 pieces of paper that are 1X6.
You're then going to cut a one inch strip off the end of the 4 inch wide piece.
You'll then take the remaining large piece (which is 4X5) and cut 4 more strips of 1X5.
Hopefully the photo will help make this clear.

Then you're going to take all but the one 1X4 piece and make little bows out of each one and I used a glue dot to adhere them. Someone referred to them as the 'Brest Cancer bow", but you're essentially just crossing the ends.
**The only thing to remember here is that with the 8 long strips, you want 4 of each pattern showing.

This is what they should all look like when they're done.

With the smallest 1X4 piece, you're just going to roll it.

Then, you're going to take the four bows of the same pattern and just layer them together again using glue dots.
**You could put a brad through all of them if you want, but the glue dots work just fine.

Layer the 2 larger bows together now with foam tabs or pop dots between the layers.

You can add the smaller one to the top making sure to alternate the patterns. The only thing you now have to add is the little roll into the middle and that's it! Bow Complete!

Here you go! An easy and beautiful bow to go on any special gift!

I found this idea at SplitCoast Stampers where Jessica Crawford did a tutorial, but have seen it a few other places as well.


Darlene said...

I remember you made these last year! They are toooo cool! Maybe I'll get to them this year!

Jackie said...

Thanks Colleen I will have to give these a try, they look absolutely terrific and easy to make.

Tracy said...

Great tutorial! Even I could make those! (But I know I won't actually get around to it this year).

toners said...

Fabulous idea! What a great use for those paper scraps :)

Nancy Ward said...


Today (December 8), I posted an entry on my blog with a link to this tutorial.

Would you let me know if that's OK?


Nancy Ward