Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Project Almost Finished!

Just popping in quickly since I'm almost finished a gift for Kyle's teacher that I decided I was going to make today, but I LOVE how it's turning out, so I'll try and take pictures before I send it off to her with Kyle tomorrow!

Had busy one with the boys today and then Sophia was just here this afternoon. George went and took the boys for haircuts this afternoon and Nathan fell asleep in the car on the way home and I was worried about him going to bed again after the cry for the binkies the last time that happened, but we put him in bed and....nothing! Went right to sleep! Yeah! We are binkie free! Now to get rid of the diapers too!

I worked tonight and had fun with Diane and Jackie at work. The roads weren't too too bad for getting there, but no one was really driving crazy fast either thankfully. I even managed to get my cheque deposited tonight when I went out too!

Came home and have been working on this little project that I decided to do this afternoon and will give details tomorrow when I post it!

And here's a little something in the way of Christmas music for ya!

Have a great Friday!

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