Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The weather held off...

They were calling for more snow that would start later in the day, but I thankfully managed to get to work and back without too much trouble. Just took it easy since they were saying there was black ice out there and I'd also seen someone off the road in the bushes on my way to work!

Sophia was here first thing this morning and we had a fun time just playing and hanging out. Kyle and Nathan now like to climb into bed with me first thing and watch a bit of TV now that we have the one in the bedroom hooked up. I was up this morning when they got up though, so after Sophia got here, the 3 of them went and took all their friends (aka stuffed animals) and their own pillows and got in the bed in our room. They were so cute and I actually did manage to get a picture of them and it's a good thing since the batteries died after that and are recharging now! At least I got one picture today.

Trace came and got Fia about 11ish and then I got the boys lunch and we took Kyle to the Dr for a follow-up on his nose/adenoid surgery. The doctor said there's still a little puss in there that might be from the surgery, so we're going to try a few weeks of saline nose spray to try and clear it and if it doesn't clear that way, then we need to put him on an antibiotic to try and get it cleared up. The doctor said it wasn't anything to worry about though and may account for some of the stuffiness that he still has sometimes.

Came home and Nathan had a nap. Kyle laid down for a little bit, but didn't sleep. He wanted to go out and play, so I finally got him all bundled up and he was out there for a while in the cold when Nathan woke up and wanted to head out too, so they were both out there playing. Tried to take pictures of Kyle digging out the toy car and Nathan sitting in it afterwards, but that was when I realized the batteries were dead in the camera!

I did this really cool thing with the kids where you enter some info and then Santa sends them a personal message! Kyle was absolutely dumb-founded and has watched it a few times!

As we were finishing up with that and checking his e-mail that we set up so mum and dad could e-mail him while they were away, he had a big meltdown. I figured it was coming and it waited longer than I expected, but it was because my parents were supposed to be home this morning and their flight didn't leave on time, so they're going to be late. He's missing them soooo much and has been counting the days to when they were coming home today and he lost it this evening and we had a lot of tears and some cuddles. I told him they were on their way and that they should be home Christmas morning which wasn't long now... I just feel so badly because there's not much I can do and he really misses them!

Then, it was time for me to get ready for work! As I said, the drive wasn't too bad as long as you took it easy and weren't driving like a maniac, but there are always some...

Better get some sleep since the kids'll be up early again. Hope to get some Chinese food for dinner tomorrow night one way or another too!


PS I will get caught up some time on my December daily and this stuff will all go in there!!

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