Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa Photo Day!

We FINALLY managed to get to the mall today and get a picture of the kids with Santa! We've been talking about it for ages, but wanted to get the boys a haircut before we did it and that didn't happen until later last week and then with the crazy weekend with me working and the snow, we didn't get there until today! The advantage was that because so many people are snowed in, there sure wasn't any line-up!

When I called the photo place that does the pictures to see when they opened, the guy said he was hoping Santa would make it in because 2 staff members had already said they couldn't make it. We headed up about 11 and I was surprised to see very few cars in the lot. Sure enough, when we got inside, there was almost no one there! We had had the boys wear their boots in so they wouldn't get Santa all wet and after changing them into their shoes, we sauntered right up and had the picture done.

I was a little worried about Nathan because when we got close to Santa, he started to cry and say "No, no", but Kyle went right on over and jumped in Santa's lap! Thankfully that seemed to make it OK for Nathan too and he changed his mind and sat next to Kyle very nicely. As it turned out, I think Nathan ended up with the better smile in the picture since Kyle was doing his sort of fake smile. It's all good though since that's just him these days! We'll get it back on Christmas eve, so I'm hoping George can pop back in there on his way home that day and pick it up.

Got a call from mum and dad today from Australia when they should have been on a plane home saying that they're suck there a little longer! Since the weather has been so bad here and there's only been one runway open at the airport, their plane never left Vancouver last night, so it wasn't there for them to get on this afternoon. Looks like the earliest they might get home is Christmas morning now, so we'll hope that's the case!

I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow... I'm looking after Sophia in the morning and then Kyle is supposed to go to the doctor at about 1pm. It'll depend on the roads tomorrow whether or not I decide to try and get him there to that. I'm also supposed to work tomorrow night, but with the forecast being for more snow in the evening, we'll see if I can get there.

The weather has been madness for sure! We've got over 35cm of snow (about 14 inches) and they're calling for more starting Tuesday evening and through Wednesday and then again Christmas Day (Thursday). There's no doubt it'll be a white Christmas here for sure! We're playing it by ear on whether or not we're going to my aunt and uncle's for dinner since that's over an hour away. I talked to my grandma about mum and dad being delayed and us maybe not making it for Christmas dinner and I know she's disappointed. Wait and see is all we can do...

George's mum called tonight too. She was out visiting family about an hour east of us and they hardly got any snow she was saying! She was a little shocked to see what was here when she got home today. She called to tell us that they're not going to do our usual dinner on Boxing Day what with the weather and people travelling in for it and then the issue with no parking anywhere because of all the snow. Have to do it another time when the weather gets better!

Looks like no matter what happens, we'll be having turkey! I thought George got a chicken the other night as our emergency meal, but I see now that he got a turkey since he said they were a good deal. I know that'll make him happy!

Anyway, after our trip to the mall, we stopped for lunch on the way home. I got George a gift certificate last Christmas for Sammy J Peppers and we'd never used it, so we all went for lunch today and had a really nice time. Afterwards, we popped into the Chinese food place in the same area and got a menu in case we order from there on Christmas eve since having Chinese food on Christmas eve is a family tradition for us! We also popped into the dollar store and had a little look around and then came home and got a few things done around here!

The boys even went out to play in the snow tonight. If I take Kyle to the Dr., I need to take mum and dad's car, but it was snowed in where it was, so George went to dig it out and the boys "helped". They went to go get me a coffee after and got some doughnuts at the same time! We got them ready for bed and then they got into our bed and watched Shrek the Halls before calling it a night!

I love that time just before bed when I go to tuck them in and we read stories and sing. They both wanted Frère Jacques tonight and Nathan also wanted the ABC song and You are my Sunshine. I'll be sad when the day comes that they don't want to sing before bed...

Speaking of bed, I'd better get myself there since I need to be up early and ready to go for the kids in the morning! George will be off to work again and let's hope he makes it safely! He loves driving in that white stuff and I wish I did...


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FromJapanWithLove said...

I tried to leave a comment and it didn't accept it so this is my 2nd try!
I miss seeing Santa at the mall!!! I did that when I was a kid....didn't we all? When I tell my students about it they are shocked! I'm a little homesick...though I don't miss the snow! ^__^