Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Momentous Night

Well, I'm certainly not proud to say that Nathan still has a binkie (soother) at night and we've been talking about getting rid of it for ages. We told ourselves we wouldn't wait as long as we did with Kyle, but yet here we are!

If he takes it out of bed, I've been telling him to put it back or I'll put it in the garbage because he's a big boy and he really doesn't need it. Went to make dinner tonight and put some things in the garbage and I think I literally gasped! There it was, one of the 2 binkies we have left in the garbage! He wanted it back and I told him no way!

Now, fast forward to bedtime... can't find the other one! He went to bed fine and without any tears! He's apparently ready or something because it's sooo not like it was with Kyle when we had days and nights of crying when he finally lost his last one. Nathan was up for quite a while tonight and I had to put him back in bed a couple of times, but he finally just went to sleep without it and without much fanfare either! *shock*

Now the only thing is to find the missing one before he does! Oh and I did take a picture of the binkie in the garbage, but I'm too tired to post it right now!



Darlene said...

We had issues with the binkie. AJ was almost three before we got it away from her. It took about three days for her to get over it.

Funny thing, I was cleaning out my dresser last month and found one! Over two years later!

Good luck!

Pat said...

Good for him!!! Glad you didn't have to deal with a tantrum!

Joƫlle said...

Good job, Nathan!

We worried about the day the soother disappeared as well. But, it was SO easy, in the end - no crying, no carrying on, sleep like it was still there.

I think Jacques was probably ready long before the event actually happened. He just figured why get rid of it if Maman and Papa aren't going to force me to do so! ;)

KerrynF said...

DS(4)was looking through his wardrobe last night and came across his old one and asked what it was!! I just laughed and told him he had it when he was a baby.
He exclaimed, 'But I'm a big boy now, can you take it away!!'

Well done to Nathan, a sign he is getting older.

GinniG said...

I'm glad that Nathan's figuring it out on his own! Makes it much easier to deal with. I heard of someone cutting a bit off the tip each day until there's nothing left too. Whatever works! :)