Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Our little elf just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas
from our family to yours!

This was the kind of day it was - more snow! A record in fact! I don't remember having this much snow at Christmas EVER! It has just snowed on top of snow on top of snow! And there's supposed to be more to come before it turned to rain! I spent my afternoon shoveling with Kyle with Nathan was taking his nap.

Tracy, Brian and the kids managed to get over here in their car and picked up the Chinese food on the way over. I ordered it and they managed to get it on their way so we didn't have to go out again. We ordered from a fairly new place near us and it was good, but I'm really full now!

After that, we had to whip up a few cookies for Santa! Tonight, it's peanut butter for Santa, so I hope he doesn't have an allergy to peanuts! The kids and I had fun doing that and leaving carrots out for the reindeer.
Then it was time to open their one present from Nana and Grandpa, which was jammies of course. Nana even managed to find the onesies jammies in Kyle's size!! The last pair she bought him I think he about wore out, so she knew he'd be happy and he is. Nathan loves that their are dinosaurs on his.

George went out and shoveled out mum and dad's car because he's decided to go pick them up at the crack of dawn at the airport with Kyle! He knows how much Kyle wants to see them and also knows that my mum and dad aren't really prepared for this cold weather, so he's going to go get them. I finished wrapping and we made our wifesaver french toast type breakfast together, so it's good to go for the morning now too.

Off to bed so Santa can come! Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!


GinniG said...

Hope your parents arrived okay! That's a LOT of snow!!!! Hope you had a great day! Enjoy your visit with Mum and Dad!

Lida said...

Merry Christmas, hope you are all having a good time!

Pat said...

Merry Christmas Colleen to you & your family! That photo is too cute.

Darlene said...

wow! That is a LOT of snow! It was 83 here for not very Christmas-y!

Christina Hill said...

Aw I LOVE his dino jammies!