Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Very Christmassy Day!

We had a really good day today and it started with me sleeping until about 8:30! George let me sleep even on a day when Sophia was here at 7! I heard the kids playing and yelling and I think that's what woke me up.

I got up and did some picking up and getting the house in order while the kids played and hung out. Kyle had his Christmas concert today, so only had class in the afternoon. I did an early lunch so he could have something before class at 12:30 and then George took him to school while the little ones went down for naps. Nathan took a little while, but did go to sleep. Little Miss Fia was another story since she heard Tracy and Matthew come to hang out while we were at the concert and then she just wanted to get up and never did have a nap!

The concert was so cute! The Kindergarten kids sang 2 songs. I admit that when they started, a tear welled up. Kyle's just getting so big and I was also really proud of him because he was actually singing and doing all the actions. He was right in there! The gym was really poorly lit though and I didn't really get a good picture, but we did get some video that was better, so we can show everyone that wasn't able to be there! Kyle has already seen it and wanted to watch it again right after he'd just seen it!

This evening, George told the boys that we'd go to the so called "Rock and Roll" house to look at the lights. Took us a few minutes to find it, but we did. The only problem was that it was so cold. Kyle insisted on wearing his pjs since he'd worn them to school for his concert and didn't want to change. He didn't last long in the cold though as a result and it was really very cold! The funny part was that I didn't get a good picture of him either because he said he was too cold to smile!

Now, the weather outside is saying we might have a white Christmas yet because it has started snowing just like they said it would! I'm so glad George is home this week and can help with getting Kyle to school with it being so darn cold! The kids'll no doubt be wanting to get out there and play it in, but it's so cold, it probably won't last long.

Well, better go get some sleep before the kids are up and raring to go again!


Joƫlle said...

Isn't this cold weather crazy?!?!?! It feels more January-like here than December!!!

We kept Jacques inside for two days, during which he asked to go outside regularly. We explained to him it was too cold, which was an explanation I'm sure he thought was more an excuse, until I finally took him out to run errands yesterday. He didn't ask to go outside after that, knowing how bitterly cold it is outside! :)

Sounds like the Christmas concert was fun. It's hard to believe Kyle's almost through the first half of Kindergarten already!!! Yikes!!!!

GinniG said...

What sweet photos! LOVE the big lighted trees! I'm with Kyle about the cold and not smiling! Hehe! Too cute!