Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wonderful Day with the Boys!

Well, wasn't sure what we were going to get up to today, but it was a great day! I slept in after working late for Midnight Madness last night at the store. I had been trying to figure out what I was going to do today because George got called into work for the Olympic oval opening ceremony today and I was already scheduled to work. I was talking about it at work and one of my wonderful co-workers, Pauline, offered to switch today and Monday with me. Then, I could stay home with the boys today and she could go do Christmas shopping on Monday when it wouldn't be as busy! With a very appreciative thanks, I said "Done!".

As a result, I got to sleep in this morning and got up at 9am. George was busy getting ready shortly after I got up, so I didn't see much of him. After he left, I was trying to figure out what we were going to do for the day and decided maybe we'd head out to the store and visit the girls at work and I could get Matthew's Christmas present. I also told them we'd go out for lunch, so they were excited. By the time we were all ready, it was about 11am, so we headed out a little later than I would have liked, but whatever! We went to work and took the girls coffee and then I got what I needed for my gift. I also got the boys some inexpensive paper and then we spent a while die cutting some things for art projects and had a ton of fun playing!

We then sent off for lunch at McDonald's. The traffic was awful and then the line-up at McDonald's (even inside) was bad too, but the boys were very good and remarkably patient. Kyle was a little disappointed they were out of the Bionicles that went with the kid's meals, but he even took that in stride really. Once we had lunch, we headed off home again. I stopped for a coffee at Tim's and the boys each got 2 TimBits. I admit to having a delicious candy cane doughnut too!

Nathan fell asleep on the way home since it was just after 2 then and he should've been in bed by 1! Today was the first tears we had over the no more binkie too because he was half-asleep and tired, he really wanted his binkie. I just rubbed his forehead for a minute like my mum used to do when I was sick or upset and that seemed to calm him down and he went to sleep. Kyle went for a "rest" and that turned into a nap too since he was up early. I was still sort of tired from being up so late last night since I left work at 12:30am and then went shopping at Walmart! I think I got to bed a little after 2am! I ended up watching TV in bed for a bit and think I even dozed off for a half hour or so!

I woke the boys up so that they'd actually sleep tonight and then we just had dinner and sort of hung out. They were great! I let them play on the Build-A-Bear website for a bit and then it was jammies, teeth and a story. We read Kyle's Star Wars book that he got from the school library. I think we might just be starting the hit the Star Wars stage in our house finally. I figured it would come...

Well, it's a bit of a winter wonderland out there again. It started snowing within the last couple of hours again and Kyle's really excited. The snow we got the other day didn't last long because it rained after, but who knows about this since they're calling for snow for tomorrow too! Not going anywhere tomorrow anyway and I'm just hoping to get the tree up, so that may end up being the plan for the day! Well, that and a snowball fight maybe!

Have a fabulous Sunday!



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Heather Lough said...

Sounds like it was a good day with the boys. I forgot you guys have the Olympics coming up soon. We've thought about bringing the kids up there to watch some, but I don't know if it would just be more hassle or what. They'll never be closer though.