Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Nathan!!

"I BE 3!"
Wow! It's absolutely amazing to me that this little bundle of joy was born 3 years ago today! We're very lucky because he's a wonderful little boy and pretty good for the most part though I really do wish we could get through the potty training! We celebrated on Saturday, but there are cupcakes to be had later on!

Love the stylin' shirt that you picked out to wear today! Quite the fashion statement! You were havin' a little trouble showing me the 3 fingers you needed to so we did the cheater way. You keep telling everyone "I be 3"! Love you bunches little man and you'll always be my baby!



Darlene said...

COol Shirt! Happy Birthday Nathan!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!!! Your Auntie loves you!

Lida said...

Happy Birthday, he looks adorable!

toners said...

Belated birthday wishes to Nathan!! Hope it was a great one!