Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nice change of pace...

Yes, it was a much more relaxing day after the craziness of yesterday...
- slept until 10am when the boys woke me up!
- had a lazy morning hanging around in my sweats
- lunches and then Nathan went for a nap
- George and Kyle went to do groceries and an oil change on the car
- after they got home, I went out for a coffee at Starbucks with Tracy
- dinner
- all 4 of us went for a walk in the fog
- played online a bit while the boys watched a movie
- bedtime for the boys
- George is playing WarHammer

- I watched The Wedding Date - cute chick flick!
- just made a fabulous orzo salad for our family potluck tomorrow
- time for bed...

Have the pictures for Project 365 on the other computer that George is using for his game, so I'll have to post those tomorrow!


Christina Hill said...

We love orzo. Would love your recipe!

toners said...

Fun movie!

Glad you're enjoying the Bachelor...I'm not sure about the girls, though - do you really think one of them is the right one for him so far?? :)

Lily said...

sounds like a perfect day!

Darlene said...

What a nice day! I looooove The Wedding Date. One of my favorite movies of all time....