Thursday, January 08, 2009

A little late...

Yes, this was from a couple of weeks ago! We got it taken late (on the 22nd) and were told we could come and get it on the 24th, but the weather was so bad that day that George came straight home. We did go and get the pictures on the 27th and then I just seem to have forgotten to post it!

When we got there, Nathan was a little hesitant and didn't want George to put him down. I was surprised though when Kyle went right over and got on Santa's knee. I think he wanted to make sure that Santa knew what he wanted! After Kyle sat down, I asked Nathan if he wanted to go sit with Kyle and he said yes thankfully! We got our picture quickly and easily since the weather was bad and not a lot of people were out at the mall either!

This disaster is what I was playing with/purging yesterday. I'm not sure it looks a whole lot different other than I took about 4 inches of patterned paper out and I'm going to get rid of it. I have so much now and just know some of it is never going to get used! I'll be giving some to my sister and some to Kyle's school. The funny part is that after doing that last night, I had a dream that I was watching some scrapbooking videos online and they were using the paper I purged, so I went and took some of the paper out of the purge pile - in my dream!

This is something that doesn't really go a day without use in our house and sometimes twice! I do appreciate having it, but sometimes wonder how we go through so many dishes too?!?
Well, it was one of "those" days today with Kyle, Nathan and Sophia being in the naughty chair more than once today. It was topped off at dinner time with Kyle spitting in Nathan's face when I wasn't looking (and both of them laughing about it). George wasn't actually home at that time yet because he got stuck in traffic, so I fed the boys first. By the time George got home, I told him what happened and that Kyle wasn't allowed any computer time tonight and I went straight for a hot bath to calm myself.
The good thing is that I calmed down and bedtime tonight was really nice. I spent extra time with both boys reading and tucking them in and even on days like today, there's so very much to be thankful for!


Christina Hill said...

Aw sounds like you had quite a day. A nice hot bath is one of my favourite ways to unwind. Love the dreaming about taking your papers back though it makes me think that giving some of my older papers to the local Boys and Girls club is a great idea. I know I'll never use some of it, especially the papers I got before I really knew papers. :) Happy Friday to you!

Darlene said...

I never posted AJ's santa pic either! Wow, what a day, at least it ended well for you!

Hey could you email me the directions for the layout tag? I was trying to explain it but it was getting


renee said...

Love your photo ideas. I am always looking for new ideas.

Kim said...

you've got the right attitude, girl! I'm glad you rescued yourself with a hot bath and were able to appreciate even the hard stuff. your desk makes me smile... and the story of your dream makes me laugh. (it sounds like me!!) I love the pic of the boys with Santa & Mrs. Claus... I can't get over how BIG Nathan is now!!!