Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trucks, Trucks Everywhere!

Another crazy busy one! Not sure what's going on these days, but we seem to have a lot of non-stop ones lately and weeks feel like they're flying by! Here it is mid-week again already!

- up early to take George to work
- dealing with the Patullo Bridge extra traffic after the fire this week, so left early
- stopped at Tim's for a coffee
- came home a side street and found out just how icy it was when I tapped the brakes and slid though not too far and I wasn't going quickly!
- got Kyle ready for school
- mum and Trace showed up with the kids
- took Kyle to school
- hung out and chatted and had a visit with mum, Trace and the kids
- picked up Kyle
- lunches
- had a shower and got ready for the dentist!
- dental appt to redo a filling went fairly well
- came home
- dad picked up mum
- Trace picked up Sophia
- boys and I went and picked George up at work
- home for dinner
- a little relaxing
- bedtime for the boys
- Criminal Minds for me and George on the computer for a bit
- off to bed now!

And it's all a blur! Dentist appt was OK though it's a little sore now. She said it might be, but hope to give it a day or 2 and it'll be good as new. Have one more appt next week just for a cleaning/check-up and hope not to be back for 6 months after that!



Christina Hill said...

I love criminal minds. What a great show.

GinniG said...

Whew! You wore me out just reading about your dayIsn't it funny how they're feast or famine like that? Glad the tooth's better!

toners said...

Glad the dentist went well :)