Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunny Sunday!

Yes, after what I heard on the news last night was 20 days of fog, we had a beautiful sunny day! Of course, I was also teaching today which meant being inside, but there are lots of windows at work and I had a nice drive as well.

Got to sleep in this morning since I got up early with the boys yesterday. Sort of had a relaxing morning and then got ready and headed out to teach. Had my class and ended up being there longer than planned. Even though my class was over at 3pm, I didn't leave until almost 5, so I got home for dinner and afterwards has lucky enough to catch a great show as seen below in my picture for the day...

Kyle has been working on making puppets while I was at work and then he put on a puppet show for me. My favourite was actually a giant that I might have to post a picture of later as well.

Managed to get a few chores done this evening and then worked on some layouts for March classes since those need to be in at the end of the month! Need to find some time to do some more fun stuff of my own too! I want to scrap some nights, but have just been tired and without mojo lately! Thankfully, when I sat down tonight, things really came together quite well, so I was happy with what I got done!

Off to bed with me now though...

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Amy Wilges said...

wow, 20 days of fog???? that's crazy! hope you catch up on your rest. :)

have a creative week!