Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More snow...

Yes, we did get the snow they predicted in the forecast, but also as predicted, it wasn't too much. The boys did have to go out and play in it before dinner though and this was the aftermath when they decided they'd had enough out there in the cold!

George called me about 10ish this morning and left a message he was coming home since I was on the phone already when he called... I was worried since that's not like him, so called him back only to find out he'd slipped on some plastic that was wet with snow and bashed his right side rib cage area on a big rock. He went and got checked out by the medical people at work and they didn't think he'd broken anything, but he's definitely stiff and sore. Thankfully nothing worse than that though by the look of things.

Well, I need sleep here, so it's off to bed for me! I actually fell asleep on the sofa just before posting this so I really am tired!

Sweet dreams...

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Christina Hill said...

Glad it was nothing worse for poor George. They are calling for LOTS of snow here tonight. We'll see I guess.