Monday, January 05, 2009

Scrappy Goodness in my Mail!

Yes, all this amazing scrappy goodness arrived at my door today from Carrie at Scrapdango and this is what I get to play with over the next few days! We're having a mid-month reveal so be sure to come check it out on the 15th! And, yes, the kits are so fabulous that they're already sold out! Come on by and check out the fun forums and all the wonderful and talented ladies there, especially since there's a fun contest in the works!!

Today was Kyle's first day back at school and I thought it might be a snow day after the dump of snow we got last night, but nope! School was on! Kyle was one of only 9 kids that were there for class and that was because George was home today thankfully! Not sure how the other classes were, but I'm sure there were a lot of kids missing today!

Since it was Kyle's first day back and I had some cinnamon buns in the fridge that we got over the holidays and then never made, I thought I'd pop them in the oven this morning for a treat before he went back this morning, so this is my picture of the day!

George went and ran some errands this afternoon while Nathan napped and then we all went out to try and find me some boots! Yeah, well I'm apparently not the only one in the predicament without any boots in all this brutal weather because shelves that would normally have boots on them were literally BARE! Not a pair in sight and in more than one store! Not sure what I'm going to do, but I'll have to find something since I have a bad feeling this isn't the end of this bad weather unfortunately!

Sophia will be here tomorrow and it's supposed to start raining which hopefully means getting rid of some of the snow. The sidewalks are so bad that George didn't think I'd make it to school with all the kids, so I think I worked out a deal with Tracy for her to get some free time and for Kyle to get to school!

As for tonight, I started watching, wait for it.... The Bachelor! I really liked the guy, Jason, that didn't get picked last time and who's the Bachelor now, so we'll see what happens! I like it when it gets a little later into it and you learn a little more about the people. I know, can't believe I'm watching it either, but it's my guilty pleasure and there are worse things!

Better go get some sleep before the boys are up bright and early.


toners said...

So...what did you think of The Bachelor? :)

Christina Hill said...

That scrappy package looks wonderful! Lots to play with there! And those cinnamon buns look divine. On to my next grocery list they go. LOL

GinniG said...

Those cinnamon rolls look YUMMY!!! I want some! :) Hehe! Stay safe in all that snow and ice. I'm jealous of your kit cuz mine hasn't arrived yet. Soon!!

Lucy Chesna said...

love getting goodies in the mail and the rolls look yummy

Anonymous said...

Oh...I forgot about the bachelor starting...I've watched a couple seasons of it before...may have to set it to DVR so I'll have something to watch if I have a little while :)

Kim said...

awwww..... I love that you made cinnamon rolls for the first day back. what a great mom. :)