Sunday, January 04, 2009

More snow?? Seriously?!?

My picture of the day could easily be the dump of snow that we're currently getting yet again. They were calling for the rain to start later today and continue for the next 3 days, but instead, we're getting another dump of snow. I was at work when it started and by the time I started heading home, it was already not very nice. It was a 30-40km/h drive home most of the way, but I made it safe and sound. Kyle's supposed to go back to school in the morning, so we'll check things out then!

January 4th {Project 365) Picture of the Day
I worked all day today (even started a little early to get some extra stuff done in the store) and since coming home, I put the kids to bed and ate to start and then have been listening to the Canucks game and checking out some of my regular sites!

I love what my friend, Kim, is doing with with her Project 365 stuff! You should check it out HERE! I think she's inspired me to try something similar though I might do wallet sized pictures to get a week on a page, but I'm not sure.

Not sure what else I'll manage to get done tonight, but George is home tomorrow thankfully, so maybe I can get a few more things done that didn't get accomplished this weekend. Might try and scrap a little tonight too before I head to bed!

Have a fantastic week!


Sarah C. said...

Glad you made it home safely! :) Thanks for the kind words on my blog the last few days. It's really helped seeing the concern and sweet thoughts from everyone.

Lynn said...

It sure sounds like a lot of snow! I can't believe it. I'm glad that it's not here. Hope it stops for you soon.

Kim said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence :)
I am glad we can keep each other going with this project!