Saturday, January 10, 2009

So many pictures!

I won't be posting my picture of the day today because I don't have the time to go through the ton of pictures that I took today right now! We had a busy, fun-filled day celebrating Nathan's birthday a little early...

- my day to sleep in, but couldn't
- got up and did some cleaning
- we all went to Build a Bear this morning so Kyle could spend some Christmas money and Nathan could spend some birthday money. Had a fantastic time!
- had a quick little lunch in the food court at the mall
- came home and tried naps with no luck. Kyle got up at 5am this morning so we were hoping he'd have a nap too and instead, neither of them did!
- it started snowing AGAIN!
- did some more cleaning
- George went and got some groceries and a cake
- Kyle and I registered his new monkey, Banana Joe, on the Build a Bear website
- people started arriving for dinner
- the kids ran around like crazy people
- had dinner, cake, and did presents
- cleaned up so I didn't have to look at it in the morning
- watched the hockey game and prepped for my full class on Tuesday!

It's now more than time for bed, but hope you're all enjoying your weekend! I'm working again tomorrow, but hope to post some pictures from today after I get home from work.

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Christina Hill said...

Sounds like a great but hectic day. LOL