Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Layout Tag Reveal!

We just had the reveal for the last round of layout tag at Scrapdango! I always love doing these and this was no exception! It is missing the journaling since I was running behind and just wanted to get it sent on to the next person, but I will add it! This was Kyle's first real day of Kindergarten and he was so excited about taking his Spongebob packpack for the first time!

Well, it was a bust day with kids around here since Trace brought Fia and Matthew this morning and kindly took Kyle to school again. We had a little visit when she came back and then she laid down here for a rest before going to pick him up again. This afternoon, Trace had a dr. appt and was planning on taking Matthew, but he was ready to go down for a nap anyway, so I told her she might as well leave him here! We had fun!

After Trace picked the kids up, I got to making dinner. We had this great Indian meal which is like a vegetarian version of Butter Chicken, but with lentils instead! Soooo good and even George likes it!! Then, we got the kids ready for bed since George's mum and dad were coming for a visit. By the time they left, it was almost 8 and the kids were off to bed and I was done for the night! So much for scrapping! Watched a bit of the Canucks game and I'm calling it a night here!

So tired I can't even be bother to download my picture of the day off my camera even though I took it! I'll just post 2 tomorrow!



Sarah C. said...

Great layout, Colleen! I love the pop of the green & yellow details. :)

Sounds like a very busy, but fun day.

Jackie said...

I love this layout, it really pops off the page.

Lida said...

I love it and I love SpongeBob!!!

Darlene said...

this lo is too cute! WOw, the layouts really did some changing from the first to the last!!