Monday, January 12, 2009

Project 365 Catch-up!

I wanted to make sure I got some pictures posted here so that I didn't get too far behind with my Project 365. I tried earlier this morning, but Blogger wasn't letting me upload pictures.

The first couple are from Saturday when we celebrated Nathan's birthday since it's actually tomorrow, but George works all day and then I'm teaching in the evening! He just wouldn't smile nicely when we had the cake out, so what you see is what a 3 year old will give ya!

This is a sweet one of Nathan in the evening after a full day including a trip to Build a Bear, no nap, and lots of company and running around with Sophia and Kyle. He's holding Wally, the koala bear he got that day at Build a Bear though you can see the clothes that he picked for the bear: a t-shift with a guitar and flames around it and black pants!

I worked yesterday, but I did get my Tim's coffee and it was actually on the way to work AND on the way home! I don't normally stop on the way home, but I needed to stop and make a phone call since I didn't want to chat on my cell and drive and Tim's was close. I figured I'd better go in since I was there!! My usual is an Extra Large French Vanilla Cappuccino with half coffee so it's not too sweet.

.And last, but not least, is today's picture from this morning when the kids were still in their jammies, but were very busy playing Playdoh. Kyle made this little guy and told me it was Daddy!

I'm afraid I stayed up waaay too late last night trying to get some things done, so I'm quite tired, but managing OK. Kyle got up and 6am this morning, but decided that he'd wake up Nathan on his way into my room! Yes, Nathan who is staying up when we put him to bed recently and hasn't napped the last 2 days. He's got to crash eventually... Today with any luck!

I got some things accomplished this morning - laundry, e-mail, phone calls, and dishes between getting Kyle to and from school, so it's been a pretty good morning considering how tired I am! It's going to be a relaxing evening consisting of some scrapbooking after the kids go to bed and The Bachelor... And for those of you watching, I can't believe Deanna's back!?!

Enjoy your evening...

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Heather Lough said...

Great photos, Colleen. Happy birthday to your little guy. Love the playdough guy.