Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday again...

Thursday again already... not sure where this week has gone!

- Sophia here today
- Kyle at school
- very cold and foggy still
- George came home early to take Kyle to his Dr. appt to get his adenoids checked, but it turned out to be not very worthwhile to go since he's stuffed up from a bit of a cold
- made a "mistake" dinner with the crockpot and a bunch of veg: not bad!
- couldn't find my mojo tonight to scrap
- watched Grey's and it turned out to be by Project 365 picture of the day!

This show continues to produce storylines that make me bawl!

How was your day? Have a happy Friday!



Darlene said...

I don't watch Grey's, but dh was watching it for some reason and he says, "This sure is a sad show." hahahahahaahhahahaha

Hopefully you'll find your mojo today...if you do, send me some!

Darlene said...

oh and I gave you an award. Go to my blog!