Friday, January 12, 2007

Another icy day...

It's another beautiful sunny day, but apparently also icy. I'm not sure what we'll get up to today since it's cold too. I'd like to get out for a walk, but the sidewalks aren't very good for the stroller still and I certainly can't carry Nathan!!

This layout was one I just did last night. I got inspired to do some snow pictures because of our weather though these are actually from March '06. I have some great ones of Nathan from the same day that I need to scrap too. He was so tiny and looked so cute all bundled up!

I can't believe Nathan's going to be 1 tomorrow!! Where did the past year go?! I was also saying to mum and my mother-in-law that I can't believe that Kyle was this age when I went back to work and they were taking care of him! We're going to have a little family party here and not worry too much about things, but want to make sure that he has his very own celebration. We're also having a bigger family celebration for all the January family birthdays next weekend. Dad, Grandma, and a couple of my cousins have birthdays as well. George's is coming up at the end of the month too! This and May are our crazy birthday months!

And how did this little boy get so big? He's hilarious! This morning when I was changing Nathan, he stripped down himself and was proudly dancing around the house naked. After getting him dressed, he went into his room and was playing with his trains when he came out and told me he had a bonk on the head, so he was going to put a Band-Aid on it. Instead, he found my calendar stickers and proceeded to choose the Doctor one to put on his head! Too funny!

Anyway, Kyle wants to go make muffins (he loves to bake these days!) before Nathan wakes up, so I'd better run!


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Joƫlle said...

LOL. Kyle is one funny little dude! ;)

I loved your layout, too, Colleen. I've enjoyed seeing your scrapbook pages. It has got me thinking that I should get back into my scrapbooking - I've got a couple of albums on the go, albums that have been neglected far too long!

Thanks for the inspiration! :)