Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006 in Review

There was a challenge on one of the scrapbooking websites I'm on and it was to do a layout as a sort of summary of 2006, so this was what I did and it's great because it'll be the last page of our scrapbook for 2006. It was fun going through the calendar and seeing all the things that happened and that we'd done and forgotten about.

Here's some of our year...
Nathan Andrew was born - Friday, January 13th
Grandma had her 90th birthday!
Kyle gave up his binkie
Kyle saw his first concert - The Doodlebops
Sophia Dawn was born - April 8th
Kyle took a multi-sport class where he tried a ton of different sports
Mum and dad moved to Chilliwack
Kyle had his first dentist appointment
Mum had her 60th birthday!
George's August long weekend in Clinton
Summer family camping trip
Kyle stopped wearing diapers!
Nathan started his Mother Goose music class
Kyle got a new room painted in Thomas the Train colours
Colleen started working at the local scrapbooking store part-time
Kyle stayed the night at Nana and Grandpa's new place by himself
Opi turned 99 in December

I was thinking I should really do one of these pages for Kyle too since there have been a lot of changes for him as well. The changes for Nathan sort of go without saying considering it was his first year and that he has a birthday coming up here shortly!!


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