Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Enough with the SNOW already!

OK, enough already! We've had our fill of this nasty weather! We're on storm #15 and it's coming down in the form of the white stuff again!! I guess it'll be another day at home for us. I was supposed to take the boys to the dentist, but we won't be getting in the car today I don't think. It doesn't have winter tires (just all seasons) and isn't great in the snow as a result. The morning news said it's pretty slippery out there and it hasn't even stopped snowing yet!

They were originally calling for more snow Thursday, but it seems as if that's changed to the beginning of a few days of rain. Yes, I'll be looking forward to rain! At least we might be able to get rid of some of this snow that's been hanging around since it's been cold too. Of course though, it depends on who you listen to because some people are still calling for snow too!

I see back east just got hit with their first storm and there were over 400 accidents in the greater Toronto area yesterday - and they say we're bad drivers in bad weather!! I kind of laughed because they were interviewing people and they were complaining about the cold weather and snow back there, but yet they've had balmy weather compared to usual. I know as Canadians though that we always like to complain about the weather! I used to tell my students that complaining about the weather and taxes are hobbies for some people!


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