Friday, January 05, 2007

"I want to share Nathan's Cheerios."

OK, so I was talking to mum on the phone today and Nathan and Kyle were playing in the living room. Kyle came up to me and wanted Cheerios, but I just tried to hold him off until my call was done. Mum and I got chatting though and he kept asking, so to keep him happy, I went and got a handful of Cheerios and put them on the table between the boys. Kyle proceeded to pull them in front of himself. Nathan looked a little bewildered, so I quickly went and got another handful and kept chatting with mum. Kyle snarfed his down like there was no tomorrow and then comes up to me and whispers (while I'm still on the phone) "I want to share Nathan's Cheerios." What I had processed in my brain originally was that he was going to share his with Nathan. Of course, not thinking about the fact he was done!

Kyle heads back over to the table and starts devouring Nathan's Cheerios. As he's doing it, I'm telling mum on the phone and I don't know if he heard me or not, but the funniest part was that he took the last Cheerio and placed it squarely in front of Nathan as if to say, "Here you go". The only thing was that the Cheerios were Nathan's to begin with!!! Too funny. He sheepishly looked at me after doing it too. I couldn't even give Nathan anymore because that had been the last of the box. Guess I know what we need to get tomorrow!


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