Thursday, January 18, 2007

Welcome to the "new" age of technology!!

Well, we're really not very technologically advanced in our house! There's no iPod, Blackberry, flat screen TV, or even text messaging for that matter. You can therefore see why I was so excited yesterday when I got my first call display call from Tracy yesterday! OK, we didn't even have a phone capable of call display until I got a cordless for Christmas.

Now, you're thinking, "they didn't have a cordless?!". Well, you'd be right in thinking that because we didn't! Well, we sort of did, but they didn't work. We had 2 in our last place, but when we moved in here neither of them seemed to work. Trace thinks it might have been because they were on the same frequency as the baby monitor which we never had of course until we moved in here.

It's so much fun checking the phone to see who's calling now! I'm sure it'll wear off, but it's fun for now. Doesn't take much, eh? We also got call waiting on this new plan we're on, but I won't really use it since I don't really even like it. We got voice mail too, so that'll be nice since we won't have a busy signal anymore. And yes, we've had an answering machine rather than voice mail. We've really been in the dark ages, but we're slowly coming out. Now I just have to set up the voice mail!!

Well, better go do a few things while Nathan is napping! Like figure out how and when I'm going to get to work tonight with the new (more!) snow we got overnight!


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