Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sleep Disorder

Now, it's almost 8am and I'm getting myself a cup of coffee ready and I'm by myself! How does this happen when you have 2 little boys you ask?? Well, you have the worst night of sleep possiblw with the boys getting up umpteen times and then you try and have a normal day - NOT!

Last night may have been one of the worst nights of sleep since we brought Nathan home and were up every 2 hours. I think last night was more than that between the 2 of them. It started with Kyle and a bad dream. He woke up crying and I went and settled him and thought he was OK, but he started again about 10 minutes later. OK, fine, he's settled again.

Nathan then started waking up almost every hour. Now, he has been doing this much more often since being sick and I think his ear was bothering him, but after a couple of days on the antibiotics, I wouldn't think it would be that bad anymore. Of course, I don't actually know and he can't tell me!

Then, at some point (that I don't remember), Kyle ended up in our bed. I offered to take him back to bed when George told me he'd had "an accident" in bed. For the last week or so, Kyle has only been wearing underwear to bed and we stopped with the Pull-Ups. He's been potty trained for a while and seemed to be waking up dry most of the time, so we thought we'd see what happened. We knew it was going to happen sometime and last night was it. George stripped the bed and got him changed and just let him sleep with us.

Well, after getting up a few more times (George and I sharing) for Nathan and Kyle tossing and turning in our bed, George got fed up and decided to go make Kyle's bed. The thing is that George also has to get up at 5am and we weren't getting much sleep! So, we got Kyle back in his own bed.

Then at about 3:45am (no, we're not through the night yet!!), Nathan woke up yet again. I decided I'd nurse him and see if that'd help keep him asleep for a while. We had stopped with the nighttime feeding (thankfully) until he got sick again. As I was feeding him, I heard the pitter patter of Kyle's little feet heading it to see George, so I called him and asked him to go back to bed. I laid in bed with him for a few minutes to see if that would keep him in his own bed and I thought it had as I headed back to bed when he started bawling. Lost Teddy!! Had to go in and find him and then we were good.

OK, so I don't think I even batted an eye when the alarm went off and George got ready for work. The only thing I remember was Kyle crawling back into bed with me around 6am because I told him he couldn't get up. I think he heard George and woke up. I finally got up at 7am when Nathan woke up at his usual time.

Kyle is now still sleeping in our bed (unheard of at this time!!) and Nathan is back in bed after eating and having his mediciine because he's rubbing his eyes and is so grumpy. So...here's me with a few minutes to myself! Go figure!


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