Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Storm #14

OK, I know they call it the "wet coast" here, but enough with the wind and snow already! We suffered storm #14 yesterday with high winds again up to 100km an hour. The people across the street from us were on the news last night because they had a big tree come down in their backyard. We saw the firefighters with the chainsaw trying to get some of it cut down so that it was safe. I heard Stanley Park was closed again yesterday because trees were coming down in the park again too. George was thinking he might have to work late since there were so many trees down out in Richmond as well.

We went to bed last night with the wind and rain (and having had some hail thrown in there as well for good measure), but woke up to a winter wonderland of snow...if that's how you feel about the white sutff! Not so much love for the white stuff here. It's fun to go out in it a bit and play, but my car doesn't like it (OK, we've got all seasons on right now rather than snow tires) and it's just not fun to drive in. It's been snowing on and off again all day. I was supposed to go to work tonight, but it's too long a drive for 4 hours, so I got someone that lives 5 minutes from the store to go in for me tonight. Can't imagine they'll be busy anyway!

Kyle and I did go out and play this morning for a bit. He wanted to go out when he got up at the crack of 6am at this morning!! He managed to wait until Nathan went down for his morning nap and then we went in the backyard together and threw some snowballs around. We tried building a snowman, but the snow was quite light and not good for packing. I have to admit that it is quite pretty when you're just out there to play and the air seems so fresh. Kyle had his fill though, but will no doubt go out again this evening if George wants to shovel the driveway later.

Well, I'm going to go relax for a few minutes while both boys are napping since it doesn't happen much these days. I think Kyle is getting near the end of his napping days, so I'll enjoy them when I get them for the time being!


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