Saturday, January 20, 2007

A relaxing Saturday together

I can't say we really did too much today, but it was nice just being together since it seemed like we didn't see a lot of each other during the week. I'm now usually working at the scrapbook store 2 nights week and I just started tutoring a Mexican girl for an hour two nights a week too. With all that and dinners, baths and bedtimes, it seems a bit hectic around here these days. It was nice not to have to run around and do a million things today.

I was the lucky one that got to start my day by sleeping in! Kyle came in after 9am sometime and woke me up. We puttered around here in the morning and then went out and did an errand and went for a drive after lunch. We decided to get the car washed and we weren't the only ones with that idea since it was finally nice here and some of the snow has gone. Nathan went for a nap when we got home and Kyle and I went up to the park. He had his boots on so he had lots of fun running around in the snow and jumping in the puddles! Home for dinner and I managed to get a little scrapbooking done too (the layout above).

The pictures in the layout were from a home "photo shoot" that we did when Nathan was 7 months. Hard to believe it was that long ago now! I need to book him for Sears pictures again since he's a year now too. I was going to go last week, but changed my mind with all the snow!

We have our annual family January birthday party to go to tomorrow. We have so many people in our family with birthdays this month, including (but not only) grandma, dad, Nathan and George that we just do all the celebrating at one time. Always fun to see everyone and Auntie Adrienne is up from Alabama too, so it'll be good to see her. I missed her last year when she was here because I was in the hospital having Nathan! We just have to figure out what we're going to take for potluck still!



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