Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy (Canadian) Birthday Julie!!

Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday
and hope you're having/had lots of fun!

Julie and I met what seems like an eternity ago in a Japanese lesson here. She had been in Japan teaching as had I and we were both looking to keep up our Japanese after learning so much while we were there. Hers was better than mine, but what we quickly found was that ours was better than the other people in the class too. The teacher also got a bit lazy when it was the 2 of us after a while since she figured she could "chat" with us, but we wanted to actually be learning - especially for the price!!

I think our friendship was concreted when I ended up in emergency with her one day! She was quite sick and had this coughing thing if I remember correctly (feel free to correct/add to the story in a comment Julie!). We ended up there at St Paul's for quite a while and have been amazing friends ever since. She has since moved to Australia, but it doesn't mean our friendship has changed other than that we can't get together for a good coffee and a chat anymore. I was lucky enough to beasked to her Maid of Honour at her wedding to Simon when they got married in Hawaii. I was also extremely happy that she, Simon and only Alex at the time made it up for our wedding so that she could be in my bridal party too! We've been through dating, marriage, kids, hob changes, etc together and she's always there to support me when I need it and just to listen when I need that too!!

It's just one of those matter the distance, I know she's right there for me in a heartbeat if I need someone. Thanks Julie for being an amazing friend and Happy Birthday!


Jules said...

Oh, I was coughing alright, it was just the whole breathing thing that I was having trouble with! Lucky for me, Colleen kept me company in the ER and, lucky again, we were in there for HOURS and got to know each other really well. A few thousand (ok, hundred) coffees later, and we're still best buds. We may not get to have our coffees together at the same table any more (or on the same continent for that matter!) but the time will come when we do get to share our next coffee at the same table and that's something I truly look forward to.
Thanks for the phone call today, Colleen - it was fantastic to chat with you. And thanks also for the surprise posting on your blog - and you didn't even mention my age - you're a true pal!
Miss ya!
Mata ne!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday, Julie!

It was neat for me to read about how the two of you met since I was living in Edmonton at the time and kind of missed out on a few years of life in Vancouver. I'm very happy for the both of you that you've remained such good friends in spite of the distance.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the word challenge. I just picked mine today. ACCOMPLISH. Ali has such great ideas.