Saturday, January 27, 2007

New house motto -" What's yours is mine"

These two are so funny these days because they play and have so much fun together, but yet seem to think that whatever the other one has is theirs or what they want. I guess that's what having a sibling is all about though and I have to say that there really are relatively few fights/tears over things. It's not that it never happens, but it just seems fairly short-lived once it does. The funniest part is that it was actually Tracy who said the thing about the new house motto when she was over the other day because she really noticed the two of them going after the same things!

Nathan is now officially "MOOCH"! It's like having an appendage as soon as you pick up something to eat. Whenever you've got food, he's there and he'll eat whatever it is. His dinner tonight was the butter chicken and rice that we tried from M&Ms tonight. It was pretty good and doesn't get much easier than popping it into the oven to cook! Even if you get him a plate with some food on it, he wants what's on your plate!

The boys have now officially had their first babysitter! We found a high school student named Rebecca that another mum from my mum's group recommended. Kyle was quite excited about her coming and it sounds like he had fun playing with her.

Kyle is very into blocks (big Lego) these days and building things. We gathered up all the blocks into one place so he can build to his hearts content. He comes and gives me the things he's built after he's done and as a result, I think there's a Lego tower in our bedroom still.

Better go get Kyle ready for bed since he didn't have a nap. It's sort of hit and miss these days, but the plus if he doesn't nap is that he goes to bed early. Nathan is already crashed out!


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