Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So proud of myself!

Nathan is hilarious these days picking up any food that he can find. The other night Kyle had left his apple on the table for a minute and that was enough for Nathan to be all over that! He got right in there and helped himself to the whole thing! Well, ever since then, we've just been quartering an apple and half keeps him busy for ages and he loves it.

OK, this isn't the best picture, but another day when Nathan grabbed something of Kyle's off the table. There was half a fruit/cereal bar and he managed to get that off the table and into his mouth pretty darn quick! He had it all over him and maybe more on him that in him! Needless to say, since he hasn't tried peanut butter and I'm not sure about allergies, I keep him far away from Kyle when Kyle's having PB&J! You never know how fast he'd be able to get it in his mouth!!

Not too much new around here really. Glad the weather has been nice and sunny for sure. Managed to make George a birthday card today for his birthday tomorrow and we pooped out yesterday to get a gift for him. I'm just surprised Kyle hasn't told him yet since he's not so good with the secrets thing (though I guess I shouldn't be complaining about that!).

Met Tracy and Sophia this morning for coffee at Tim's. We planned to go to Best Buy and get a new printer/scanner for Tracy, but the traffic was all crazily backed up, so we changed our minds. Got that done this afternoon as well though. The only thing I'm finding these days is that it's hard to go out for too long with Nathan because he doesn't like the stroller for too long. Wants to be out and moving around. It's even hard going to the park now since he's not quite walking, but also doesn't want to sit in the stroller while Kyle plays. Have to get him some "proper" shoes so I can walk him around while Kyle plays I guess! Right now he's only got Robeez and they're not great for outside!

Well, the boys are both sleeping (miracle of miracles), so I'm going to go do a few other things here too!

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