Saturday, January 06, 2007

"I want to go to the star store."

Well, I had a couple of errands to run this afternoon and Kyle couldn't seem to keep himself busy in any way shape or form and wanted to be entertained, so I decided to take him with me. He asked where we were going and if there were toys. I told him just to the drugstore, so there were a few he could look at. He wasn't all that happy with that and asked to go to the "star store". He asked about 5 times, but neither George nor I knew what he was talking about. I apologized and we headed out.

We went to the drugstore and I got what I needed and then I remembered that I also needed printer ink, so I figured WalMart would be the cheapest (even though I don't really like shopping there, the prices are fairly good). While we're waiting to turn into the parking lot, I look over at the store only to realize that WalMart is the "star store because on the sign there's a star between Wal*Mart!! Funny how kids remember things, but he can't read, so that was good for him to think of. And we've certainly been there looking at toys over the holidays when I was trying to figure out what he wanted for Christmas! Funny!


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