Thursday, January 11, 2007

A beautiful snowy day...

Well, the snow finally stopped sometime last night. They thought it would all be over with in the early afternoon, but that sure wasn't the case. Instead of the few centimetres they were predicting, we got about a foot in our area. I took these pictures this morning when the sun was coming up because it looked like such a beautiful morning out there even though it was sure cold! I think the predicted high for the day is zero and it was about -6 when I took these!

I was scheduled to work last night, but found someone near the store to work for me. She got a call at about 4pm though telling her not to bother coming in. Apparently it was really slow and they had 2 people on even without her. I decided to do the same with my shift tonight because the roads are really slick and George doesn't think our car will be any good on hills at all with the ice. It took some people as long as 4 hours to commute home last night. George wasn't too bad off, but he avoided one of the bad bridges.

After he got home and we had had dinner, he and Kyle went outside. George wanted to shovel the driveway and Kyle just wanted to play. They had a great time out there...well, OK, Kyle had fun and George shoveled! I know Kyle wants to go out again today, but it's so cold that I'm not sure if he'll get out there or not.
Well, I may not be going to work, but I'll be able to watch the Canucks play tonight!! GO CANUCKS GO!

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