Saturday, January 13, 2007


I really can't believe that it was a whole year ago that we brought this little bundle into the world! Nathan has grown so quickly and is just the funniest little boy who seems to be learning new things every day. He's pulling himself up on things and is really good on his feet - about the only thing he's not doing is walking yet. Food is not a problem for this "little" guy and he'll eat pretty much whatever we're eating now and the baby food isn't that exciting anymore. Nathan certainly loves his big brother, Kyle, too though there are days when the playing gets to be little too much for him.

We had a nice little party tonight with Nana, Grandma, Opa, Auntie Tracy, Uncle Brian and Sophia. Pizza was the menu tonight and even Nathan had some... well, the crust anyway! George made a wonderful cake and iced Nathan's piece specially with blue icing! Nice! We got some great pics and it's all on video too. He didn't dive right in, but there was definite cake and icing everywhere. I'll try and post some pictures tomorrow, but I can't seem to download the off my camera for some reason tonight!

A special thanks for everyone who came to the party and spoiled Nathan! A thanks to the people that sent e-mail cards (Vince/Nicole and Julie/Simon) and called (Grandpa from back east) as well.


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Joƫlle said...

Time does go by too quickly, as I have definitely learned in the past year!

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Nathan. Sounds like your day was fun and love-filled, as it should be.