Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thomas the Tank Engine is a bit hit!!

Well, a huge thank you goes out to Uncle Scott and Auntie Toni because they scored with their Christmas present for Kyle. He is absolutely crazy over the bedding they got him for his new "Thomas room"! To be honest, they were even looking at a Thomas bed for him, but we were worried because it's a kids one that only takes a crib mattress and George and I thought he might be out of it in 6 months. I had seen the bedding so suggested that instead and the good thing is that because it's for a twin bed, he can use it on his toddler bed now and on the bigger one when he gets it eventually.

Anyway, from the time we opened it, he wanted it on his bed!! I got the comforter out and put that on so it appeased him for a bit, but he kept bugging me about washing the sheets to until I finally managed that a coupe of days after Christmas. And then, he was out of his mind happy!

Then, the night before last, he had his first bed-wetting incident (which we knew would come sooner later), so we stripped the bed and had to wash everything. I did it first thing in the morning so that it'd be ready for his nap. When he went to go for his nap, he found a damp spot on the Thomas comforter, so I took it off his bed and told him that it would dry and he could have it that night. Oh no!!! That wasn't good enough! He started a meltdown, so I had to just turn it around so that the damp spot was at the bottom and he could still sleep with it! Crisis averted!

Anyway, needless to say, this was a huge hit! Thanks again Uncle Scott and Auntie Toni!


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Amber said... son loves Thomas too! I wanted to teach you the best mom trick I've ever heard. It takes a little initial investment but it's worth it.

Buy a couple sets of sheet and rubber sheet (waterproof mattress protector). Then when making the bed layer rubber sheet, sheet, rubber sheet, sheet, rubber sheet, sheet (3 layers). Now whenever he has an accident all you have to do is pull off the 1st 2 layers. Then plop him back in bed. This is a really good tip for late night changes. (by the way I'm from 2peas). CulverAmber