Friday, January 05, 2007

What's yours is mine?

I'm starting to see that when the boys play, there's more interest in the toy the other one is playing with. This morning, Nathan got out a car of Kyle's that he hasn't played with for a bit. It was interesting to watch the dynamic though and as soon as Nathan had it out, Kyle was headed over there to play with it and did the "Start your engines" thing almost as if to show me that he really was going to play with it. Kyle took it over to the sofa and sat down with the car, so Nathan crawled over to see it as well and Kyle wasn't too sure about that, but at the same time seemed to want to "show" Nathan the car and how it worked.

It's really amazing to watch the interaction between the two of them and see how it's developing as Nathan gets older. They really do love each other and Nathan can't seem to get enough of Kyle. Sometimes when they're in the back seat of the car together, Nathan will look over and laugh and Kyle gets frustrated that Nathan is laughing at him. Other times though, they can keep each other entertained for ages back there.

Recently we were heading home and they had me laughing too. Nathan is famous for shaking his head "no" now, so Kyle started doing it and Nathan would copy. They went back and forth shaking heads for ages! Of course, they both started laughing as they were doing it too. Fun to see!
The layout was one I did a while ago when Kyle announced to me out of the blue for the first time that Nathan was his best friend. I actually put our conversation on the layout too for sometime in the future when they're not getting along!

Now we can only hope that the fun they have together most of the time lasts for a while!

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Maureen said...

Its great you created a layout of that and put the conversation on the layout. SOmeday they will look back in aww