Tuesday, May 29, 2007

20 Questions

I borrowed this from Anilu Magloire's blog this morning as a fun little thing to blog today!
The Q & A...

1. regular or diet soda: Caffeine Free Diet Coke

2. salt or pepper: Pepper no question

3. hot or cold weather: Cold for sure...hot weather and I don't really get along!

4. dogs or cats: Dog for sure...not a cat person at all!

5. dieting or exercise: Need to be working on both!

6. cooking or doing dishes: Don't mind either really...though it depends on the day!

7. sleeping or shopping: Sleeping hands down!!

8. Red Lobster or Outback Steakhouse: We don't have these here in Canada, so I guess I need to try them out on our trip to the US!

9. classical or hip hop music: Classical.

10. dancing or playing sports: Dancing

11. back rub or foot rub: Back rub for sure!

12. fruits or vegetables: Both.

13. Grey's Anatomy or House: Lovin' the Grey's even if the season finale was a disappointment!

14. coffee or tea: Coffee without a doubt!

15. curling up with a good book or a night out on the town: Curling up with a book...at least at this point in my life!

16. Straight hair or curly hair: Straight - it's what I've got and what I know. I had too many bad perms in the 80s! hee hee

17. skirts or shorts: Neither, but a long skirt if I had to choose.

18. burgers/hot dogs or Chinese food: Chinese, but it has to be good Chinese and not that horribly greasy stuff!

19. vacationing in Switzerland or Mexico: This is a hard one because I'd love to go to both, but I think I might choose Switzerland since I haven't been to Europe!

20. sports car or SUV: I guess SUV though I don't want to have to pay for the gas for it!
Copy, paste and play along!!

Well, Kyle and I are off to make muffins while the little ones are napping. Then, I need to see if I can do some scrapping today rather than just keep talking about it. I've had time, but my inspiration seems to have left me. Think I just need to get back in there and do a challenge or two to get me going again!!

It's a nice day again, so think we'll try and get out to the park later on!


EquineSpirit said...

Great post! I love Q&A blog entries. It's amazing all the interesting little facts ya learn about people.

Heather said...

Great 20 questions! I agree with Sabrina... it's fun finding out interesting everyday things about people!

Lynn said...

Awesome post! I have to agree with the others, Its so nice to find out interesting everyday things about people especially ones you never met.

Noelia said...

It was great reading your answers to the questions. I can't believe you don't have Red Lobsters in BC! We have then here in Ontario but don't worry, it's not that great, you probably have access to more fresh and delicious sea food on the coast.

Anilu Magloire said...

I'm so glad you played!! Thank you for visiting the blog :)