Thursday, May 03, 2007

Morning coffee

What is it about that first cup of coffee in the morning?? I just love it! There's the wonderful smell of the coffee after you grind the beans and then there the sound of it running through the coffee maker. Of course, we have an older coffee maker, so it's a bit noisier than most I imagine. It's all part of my morning coffee experience though! Then when you pour that hot, dark liquid into the cup just anticipating the taste. I only use one of 2 cups for my coffee - the one in the picture and another floral one that's even bigger. The size and weight of the cup is important! I also need to make sure it's a substantial cup as I don't want to be running back and forth for more right away.

I add my French vanilla creamer to the coffee and stir gently. The anticipation as I bring the cup up to my mouth and get another smell of that wonderful brown liquid. And then there's that first steaming hot sip that seems to permeate every part of you and really means the day has started (whether or not I've already had a shower - which I usually have by the time I get my first cup!). Yes, I really do love my morning cup of coffee and can't imagine going without it!

Well, other than having had my wonderful cup of morning coffee, I've had my shower and I've fed the kids and have the 2 little ones in bed already! They're dressed and ready to go once they get up, so I'm off to finish getting ready and to get Kyle dressed since we're going up to a local community play group thing. Kyle loves and I thought Nathan and Sophia would too. It'll get us out of the house and give us something to do on a yucky day again here. It's not raining though yet and it would be nice if that held off until after we got back!

Have Survivor, a 2 hour episode of Grey's Anatomy and a hockey game on tonight, so I guess it's a relaxing night at home. Might not get an scrapping done, but I'd like to! Have to see what I can squeeze in!

Well, better run! Happy Thursday everyone!


Raquel said...

I know how you feel about your morning addiction. Except, mine is a cup of hot tea.

Danisha said...

I have to say I feel the same way.