Sunday, May 20, 2007

Busy weekend

Well, yes it's the long weekend, but it hasn't really seemed like it since I've worked most of it to this point. I worked Friday night and then again yesterday and today. The weather today wasn't great anyway, so it was an inside day. The rain was really coming down and it looked like a grey November day rather than a mid-May one.

Work wasn't crazy busy, but we got some things done that needed doing. Also talked to the manager about maybe teaching a bit come fall, so we'll see if anything comes of it. Have to see if anything comes of the design team too as that might cause a conflict if I were on a design team somewhere else. Who to think about though anyway - all of it!

I have been doing some scrapping lately, so I'll post a couple of things and then more later.

OK, these aren't the most glamourous pictures of me, but they're definitely special!

I've actually scrapped these pictures already, but these are two of my favs, so I did them again for one of the boys to have in their album too!

I'm hoping to be able to putter with some scrapping tomorrow too since we've all got the day off! Not too much on here other than a trip to get groceries and maybe some more picking up and a little vacuuming. Fun eh?

Anyone that scraps really should check out the site Scrapperie that is in my sites of note on the left! I'll warn you, it's addictive. My other new site is I wouldn't say I'm addicted yet, but I know people who are and I could see how it could have the potential!

Well, I'm off for now,

PS If anyone can tell me how I can get a live link in my writing where I can get it a name as well, I'd be very happy. I know I've seen other people do it and it shouldn't be that hard, but I'm only getting a window to give the address and nothing else??


It's Not Easy Being Green said...

Great layouts! In regards to blogger, I think I understand what you are wanting to do. If you are talking about Two Peas in a post and want people to be able to click on the word Two peas and be sent to that site automatically, all you do is highlight the word, click on the hyperlink option, and type in the link address in the pop up box and click ok. When you publish your post, it will be a clickable link. Hope this helps.

EquineSpirit said...

Great LOs!!