Thursday, May 03, 2007

I've been TAGGED!

Another blogger than I've been following of late is and she tagged me, so the idea is that I answer the same questions and then "tag" other people and get them to answer them as well.

Firstly, reveal seven random facts about yourself and then tag seven others...
1. I was a competitive swimmer when I was younger.
2. I'm double-jointed.
3. I'm a lefty!
4. I've seen sunrise on New Year's Day at Angkor Wat in Cambodia
5. I've been to all 10 provinces.
6. I had blonde curly hair as a kid (and now it's dark and straight!!).
7. I love the sound of waves on a beach.

Secondly: share some favorite blogs you visit for inspiration. - This is Ali Edwards blog and I love her style and her attitude about being creative! I use this for inspiration for scrapping all the time!

I don't have too many others right now that I can think of, but I'll post a few more later when I think of them! I'm off to tag a few people!


Yellow Fence said...

Awesome random facts. I love it when people are tagged because you get to learn about them!

melissa said...

I am a lefty too! ;)
and the beach is the one place I would love to be right this second

Heather said...

Love your random facts! I'm a lefty as well!

It's Not Easy Being Green said...

I'm a lefty as well! And my hair was straight and now is curly! I hate it!